Kinh ông Thánh Anrê

Kinh cầu ông Thánh Anrê. Prayers to Saint Andrew (Saint Andres).

Kinh ông Thánh Anrê

Chúng con lạy ơn ông Thánh Anrê là Tông đồ cả Đức Chúa Giêsu, xưa khi đến nơi Thánh Giá đã sẵn liền kêu lên rằng: “Lạy Thánh Giá là sự lòng tôi ao ước đã lâu, tôi xin Thánh Giá chịu lấy tôi là đầy tớ Đức Chúa Giêsu, xưa đã phải treo trên cây Thánh Giá”. Chúng con xin ông Thánh Anrê Tông đồ cầu cho chúng con, đáng chịu lấy những sự Chúa Kitô đã hứa. Chúng con lấy lòng kiêm nhường mà cầu cùng Đức Chúa Trời uy nghi vô cùng, như ông Thánh Anrê Tông đồ Đức Chúa Giêsu, là kẻ đã giảng đạo Thánh Đức Chúa Trời, cùng đã cai quản hội thánh khi còn sống ở thế gian này, thì rầy chúng con cũng xin ông Thánh Anrê là Quan thầy bầu cử chúng con trước mặt Đức Chúa Trời, vì Đức Chúa Giêsu là Chúa chúng con. Amen

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O glorious Saint Andrew, you were the first to be called by our Lord, and with courageous love, you died a martyr’s death and offered your life’s blood to build the Kingdom. Stir in our hearts a desire to save souls and to do all things for the glory of God.

We commend to your powerful intercession our longing to construct a magnificent house of God. May it be a sacred dwelling worthy of His presence that will inspire many souls to follow Christ with your same passion and sacrifice.

Replace our worldly fears with trust and courageous love, that God’s grace may inspire generosity with the gifts he has given us. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer of  Saint Andrew (O bona crux)

O good Cross, made beautiful by the body of the Lord: long have I desired you, ardently have I loved you, unceasingly have I sought you out; and now you are ready for my eager soul. Receive me from among men and restore me to my Master, so that he-who, by means of you, in dying redeemed me-may receive me. Amen.

A Prayer for Saint Andrew the Apostle, Our Advocate

We humbly beseech Thy Majesty, O Lord, that as the blessed Apostle Andrew, was once a teacher and ruler of Thy Church, so he may ever be our advocate with Thee. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer to Saint Andrew the Apostle, for Everlasting Life

O Christ, our Lord, Who didst beautify the most blessed Andrew with the grace of apostleship, and the crown of martyrdom, by granting to him this special gift, that by preaching the mystery of the cross, he should merit death on the cross; grant us to become most true lovers of Thy holy cross, and denying ourselves, to take up our cross and follow Thee; that by sharing Thy sufferings in this life, we may deserve the happiness of obtaining life everlasting. Amen.

A Prayer of Saint Andrew the Apostle, O Good Cross!

Legend tells us that Saint Andrew, on beholding the cross upon which he was to be martyred, cried out these beautiful words.

O good cross, made beautiful by the body of the Lord, long have I desired thee, ardently have I loved thee, unceasingly have I sought thee, and now thou art ready for my eager soul. Receive me from among men and restore me to my Master, so that He, who redeemed me through thee, shalt receive me through thee. Amen.

A Prayer to Saint Andrew the Apostle, Teach us

O Glorious Saint Andrew, you were the first to recognize and follow the Lamb of God. With your friend Saint John you remained with Jesus for that first day, for your entire life, and now throughout eternity.

As you led your brother Saint Peter to Christ and many others after him, draw us also to him. Teach us to lead others to Christ solely out of love for him and dedication in his service. Help us to learn the lesson of the Cross and to carry our daily crosses without complaint so that they may carry us to Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer to Saint Andrew the Apostle, Teach us to suffer like him

Brother of Simon Peter, you heard John the Baptist say: “Behold the Lamb of God,” and you chose to follow Jesus. Leaving your nets, you became a successful fisher of souls. Lover of the Crucified Christ, you too were crucified like him. Teach us to live and suffer for him and to win many souls for Christ. Amen.

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