Kinh ông Thánh Batôlômêô

Kinh ông Thánh Batôlômêô tông đồ. Prayers to Saint Bartholomew The Apostle.

Kinh ông Thánh Batôlômêô tông đồ

Lạy Thánh Batôlômêô vinh hiển, Chúa Giêsu đã gọi ngài một người không có lòng gian trá, và Ngài đã coi lời ấy như dấu chỉ rằng: Chúa Giêsu là Con Thiên Chúa và là Vua dân Do thái. Xin ngài cầu cho chúng con được ơn chẳng hề biết sống gian trá nhưng đơn sơ như bồ câu trắng. Xin ngài cũng giúp chúng con được ơn đức tin như ngài, để thấy được bàn tay của Thiên Chúa trong những biến cố trong đời sống hằng ngày của chúng con. Ước gì chúng con nhận ra những dấu chỉ dẫn chúng con tới Chúa Giêsu nơi trần gian, và sẽ liên kết chúng con với Chúa trên thiên đàng đời đời chẳng cùng. Amen.

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Prayers to Saint Bartholomew the Apostle, for Grace

O Glorious Saint Bartholomew, Jesus called you a person without guile and you saw in this word a sign that he was the Son of God and King of Israel. Obtain for us the grace to be ever guileless and innocent as doves. At the same time, help us to have your gift of faith to see the Divine hand in the events of daily life. May we discern the signs of the times that lead to Jesus on earth and will eventually unite us to him forever in heaven. Amen.

A Prayer to St. Bartholomew the Apostle, for Courage

O Jesus, Saint Bartholomew’s greatest desire was to know the truth. When first informed about You, his initial reaction was, “How can anything good come from Nazareth?” But as soon as he met You, he wanted to become one of Your disciples. You said of him, “Here is a man in whom there is no deception.” I ask him to pray against the deceptions that are influencing me and the people I know. Help us to experience Your affirmation when we are honest, give us courage to resist lying as a means of self-protection, and inspire our minds to recognize the truth when we hear it. Saint Bartholomew, pray for us. Amen.

A Prayer to St. Bartholomew the Apostle, for the Church

O holy apostle, the Church prays for grace to love what thou didst believe and to preach what thou didst teach. Not that the bride of the Son of God could ever fail either in faith or in love; but she knows only too well that, though her Head is ever in the light, and her heart ever united to the Spouse in the holy Sprit who sanctifies her, nevertheless her several members, the particular churches of which she is composed, may Detach themselves from their center of life and wander away in darkness.

O thou who didst choose our west as the place of thy rest; thou whose precious relics Rome glories in posses ding, bring back to Peter the nations thou didst evangelize; fulfill the now reviving hopes of universal union; second the efforts made by the vicar of the Man-God to gather again under the shepherd’s crook those scattered flocks whose pastures have become parched by schism. May thine own Armenia be the first to complete a return which she began long ago; may she trust the mother – Church and no more follow the sowers of discord. All being reunited, may we together enjoy the treasures of our concordant traditions, and go to God, even at the cost of being despoiled of all things, by course so grand and yet so simple taught us by thy example and by thy sublime theology. Amen.

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